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Business Profiles

Charting new waters

Mike Elliott, owner of Kettle River Canoes, is charting new waters with what may seem to be a very traditional skill--restoring wood and canvas canoes.

Elliott, 57, is bringing his art into the 21st century by developing a following online. For the past two years he’s been a well-known blogger, with 48,000 online hits in the past year.


Shooting Canada’s wildlife on photo expeditions

When asked what he likes about the outdoors, Paul Stone, nature photographer and guide, is at a loss for words.

“I couldn’t imagine not working outdoors,” said the owner of Canada Photo Safaris, a tour company that provides small-group wildlife photography trips in Alberta's and B.C.’s most spectacular wilderness areas. “It’s the fresh air, the exercise, being in beautiful country.”



Keri Keri Kids Club brochure content and design


Deal Republic - Created product descriptions for a line of consumer products.

Argenta Painting - Created service descriptions for local business.

BC-ICE - Service descriptions for local physiotherapy clinic


Yellow Pages – Local business reviews

Tweepler.com – Tech and startup news

Web Design